Who We Are

Ascent helps its customers follow laws and regulations.  We are a new type of company, a "RegTech" organization that combines a SaaS platform with intelligent content to provide customized tools and targeted advice for our customers.  We’re using modern techniques like machine learning and predictive analytics to stay on the cutting edge of our industry.


The Ascent platform makes it easy for compliance officers in regulated industries to see exactly what is expected of their companies, then track and report on the steps they’re taking to stay compliant.  Before Ascent, this was a very expensive manual process.  Reasonable regulation is an important part of the free market, protecting consumers and leveling the playing field.  But due to their complexity and sheer volume, regulations often feel more like a punitive burden.  By reducing the cost of compliance Ascent is encouraging innovation, helping existing companies stay in business, and making it possible for new companies to get started.  The efficient intelligence we provide helps our customers fulfill the spirit (and letter) of their obligations in a way that lets them breathe easy and focus on creating value for their own customers through their core business.


We're currently focused on regulations in the financial services sector, though our platform is flexible enough to eventually handle all regulated industries (EPA, FDA, etc).  We raised a $1.2M seed round in August 2016 from respected investors in this space who strongly believe in the opportunity we’re pursuing.  We’re currently 9 full and part-time employees, located in Chicago at Michigan/Jackson.  As a team we explicitly value integrity, cooperation, persistence, customer obsession, and innovation.

Who You Are

As trailblazers in our space we’re looking for people passionate about building new and innovative products, who aren’t afraid of challenging the status quo, and who have a thirst for knowledge and creating amazing solutions to generations-old problems.


You’ll play an important role across the board in our technology, product, process, and culture, so it’s a bit difficult to describe what it’s like to work here.  Ultimately we’re trying to find people who share our fundamental values of respect and growth.  We believe a diversity of opinions and perspectives creates a stronger team and product.


We want you to think critically about problems, potential solutions, constraints, goals - and then  do whatever you can to help the team succeed.  Everyone brings a unique set of skills and talents and we want to take advantage of everything you have to offer. You’ll work directly with our CTO Chris Doyle on a daily basis to gain context for your work, and to get the support you need for Ascent to be a transformational period of growth in your career.  We want to make sure you’re getting as much out of this opportunity as you’re putting in.

Responsibilities and Requirements

There are two sides to our business, "content" and "consumer."  On the content side, we’re creating and combining cutting edge technologies to turn regulations into the data intelligence our customer need.  Efficiency here requires seamless coordination of automated and manual efforts, which means many custom tools for working with text-based data.  On the consumer side, we’re delivering our regulatory intelligence through a modern project management platform specifically geared for managing compliance activities.


The primary goal for this position is to own the UI for both content tools and consumer platform.  Data-heavy workflow products can easily be crushed under their own weight without a conceptual framework for visual and functional design to keep everything organized; you’ll bring the vision for those frameworks, to help us build cohesively and sustainably for the long term.


We’re looking for someone who has demonstrated the ability to:

* lead a design process, synthesize feedback from various sources

* create pleasing, intuitive interfaces

* execute basic UX research to validate ideas and get quick feedback

* push themselves to continually grow and learn


Ascent employees enjoy many benefits and perks, including:

* Medical, dental, vision insurance - premiums fully paid by Ascent

* Competitive salary and equity

* Walkable from all loop trains and many busses

* Lots of easy food options

* Whatever hardware and software you need to be effective

* Professional development stipend

Let's Chat!

Get in touch - chris@ascentregtech.com

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