Hi there!


We're working hard to bring a Sketchcamp to Chicago this fall!

We could use a little assistance in finding a good venue for the event, and if any of you have any ideas or contacts, we would be very grateful. What we're hoping to find:


  • Low to No Cost (the event itself will be $20-40 and we're hoping for the lower side)
  • Able to accommodate ~100 people, hopefully in a single room, with a second room that we can use as a separate track (if there is an ability to have more, great!). We'll most likely need an area to house registration and/or any snacks & catering.
  • Available on a Saturday this fall, potential dates are:
    • September 24
    • October 1
    • October 22
    • November 5

In the meantime, help us choose our logo: https://www.survs.com/survey/Y46BUL794M


Please feel free to contact me here or directly at russ [at] userglue dot com with any questions or information about locations (and sponsorship, too!).


Russ Unger

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